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Zhimin and Bob suggest making the authoritative Java class and interface definitions be UML. This has both advantages and disadvantage that need UMLSource discussion.

Maureen and Paul remain unconvinced that this can work with BOUML.


  • coherence with UML sequence diagrams.
Assuming a real UML system such as BOUML, sequence diagrams will always have their message arguments coherent with those of the objects at the top of the swim lanes in the diagram. If the Java classes are initially autogenerated from the UML, this means that someone implementing from a sequence diagram will never have parameter type mismatches from the design as indicated in the sequence diagram. See also


  • reverse engineering
with BOUML, (though not(?) with Rational) nothing(?) generates code except the class and interface diagrams. In particular, implementors who fill in business logic or otherwise have to edit the Java, need to insure that these edits are preserved in the UML. BOUML has a "reverse engineering" feature that is supposed to accomplish this, but it is unclear whether it works in the current edition. It does not appear to effectively support round trip of Java classes, only of Java interfaces.