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Welcome to ETaxonomy!

Species I am working on

Quercus alba

  * BobMorrisSpecimen2007-001
  * BobMorrisSpecimen2007-002
  * PaulMorrisSpecimen2007-001
  * JimBeachSpecimen2007-001

The important thing about these specimens is that they are made (by hand) using the Semantic Mediawiki tools, which are supported on this wiki. Browse around, looking at the source by using "edit" if logged in, or "view source" if not.

Other Way Cool Stuff installed in this mediawiki

<math> \begin{matrix} H(X) = \operatorname{E}( I(X) ) & = & - \displaystyle{\sum_{i=1}^np(x_i)\log_2 p(x_i)} \qquad \end{matrix} </math>
is produced by LaTeX between "<math> </math>". To see the LaTeX source, which I lifted from WikiPedia do "edit" if logged in, or "source" if not.


GISIN Party on donkeys, Tiaout.jpg File:Test.ods